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Inception in 1994, we at ENDICO Power Tools believe in providing world class power tools in India. We are renowned Power tool manufacturer in India. We manufacture Woodworking Router, Angle Grinder, Wood Cutter, Marble Cutter & Blower.

We sell our products on our trusted brand name “ENDICO”. We are the number 1 manufacturer of Woodworking router in terms of production. We are the first manufacturer of woodworking router in India in terms of unique design.

To meet the Indian demographic challenges we have around 523 distribution centers to reach all our users in India. The very modern manufacturing facility of ENDICO is located in LUDHIANA, the industrial hub of North India.

We at ENDICO take utmost care while sourcing our raw materials. We insist on commitment of quality sustenance at our suppliers end. We ensure all our inputs pass a series of stringent mechanical and chemical quality checks before being used in our production processes.

We have 100% in house manufacturing at Ludhiana Plant, which makes us proud to be a part of Make in India Project.

Caring for customers & distributors is the core value of our business and we emphasize it by helping our customers in customizing our products to their requirement. As a standard policy, we provide all our customers consistency in QCD (Quality, Cost & Delivery).

Our dedicated Export team takes care of all our overseas channel partners round the clock. Our overseas distribution base is mainly in Middle East, Egypt, South Africa, Chile & Brazil.

We are proud of our dedicated team whose consistent effort has escalated ENDICO a commanding name in India in Power Tools. We at ENDICO are backed by a team of over 200 strong work force consisting of specialized engineers, qualified technicians and management graduates. We are well equipped to cater the demand of our Domestic and Export market. Our geographical positioning in India give us a logistical advantage over our competitors. We give our customers access to our quality service, 24X7, supported by our skilled service team.

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Portable Router



Wood Working Machinery

Angle Grinder

We are an ISO-9001:2015 certified company

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