Vision & Mission

The ENDICO Power Tools Identity

Through its 29 year history, the ENDICO Power Tools has passed on its Mission and its Values to generations of employees and external stakeholders. The Vision has been created based on the Mission and the Values. It is an expression of what the ENDICO Power Tools aims to become in the future.


To be present across the nation by building a robust distribution network by March 2024 and to be a pioneer in power tool industry.


To help millions of people in Wooden/ Marble/ Steel Industry by providing them with the latest technology tools so that their work become easier and simple so that  they can live good and better life.


Our values inform us how we go about our works which are as follows:

We need to show respect to our colleagues, to our suppliers, our clients and our stakeholders. We show respect to earn respect.

We should act with integrity in all we say and do, this shows that we are sincere in holding to our stated values. We maintain fairness in all our dealings; our reputation is founded on how we go about our business.

We lead with ambition, seeking new challenges; we are not afraid to be flexible and adapt to the changing needs of our business.

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